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Pure Platinum Labeled Studio is an inner beauty brand devoted to enhancing the beauty within. A luxury permanent makeup studio specializing in revolutionary Pixelblading and Pixelshading methods of application. Servicing Greensboro and the surrounding areas.

Microblading, Permanent lip and more!

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Our studio, located in Greensboro, NC, specializes in customized microblading for brows and lip tints– a best-in-class procedure that has limitless capacity to refresh and define your most prominent features. We have had thousands of clients, many of whom keep coming back to us each year for touch-ups. Our founder, Angel Nichole, was born to do beautiful brows and permanent makeup.

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What Is Microblading?​

Microblading is the science of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. We create permanent eyebrows using a manual technique, by creating hair strokes that mimic real hairs every time. Since no two clients are alike, every microblading brow procedure is customized to produce each client’s desired look. At Pure Platinum Labeled Studio, our mission has always been to bring you the best experience and results possible! Using specialized tools and pigmented powder pigment, a technician can create a look that is so natural many customers have difficulty finding the start point. Microblading will give you fuller, darker eyebrows than any other method of eyebrow enhancement.

Our Promise

We believe in treating our clients with honesty & passion. So, we listen to your needs and do what’s best for you. You can have natural looking eyebrows that are soft, natural, silky and long lasting after our permanent makeup treatments. Our clients look naturally beautiful and refreshed with radiant color that makes them feel confidently beautiful and ready to face the world head on.

Our Most Popular Local Treatments

Eyebrow Microblading

The art of creating natural-looking, hair-like strokes to fill in sparse brows. The effect is a fuller and more natural-looking appearance, and the look lasts much longer than eyebrow makeup.

Ombré/Powder Brows

The top choice for individuals who want the most natural looking brows. You will have brows that you don't need to pencil in, fill in, or draw on‐they truly look like your own!

Botched Ink Correction

A botched ink brow from another artist can leave you feeling very worried and not knowing what to do. A good brow can make you look younger, brighter and more confident. We can help you remove bad work, and do it over again!

Permanent Eyeliner

With permanent eyeliner you can create expressive eyes that always look great without the commitment of a tattoo and with all the safety of permanent make up. We also specialize in eyebrows and eyeliner tattooing using the soft touch technique.

Lip Tints

Semi permanent lip tints are especially formulated to not stain the lips after the application wears off. They offer a healthy, smooth looking, sheer tint that enhances your natural lip color and texture without feathering or smudging

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a safe, natural way to lengthen and thicken your own lashes. Lash extensions give the look of wearing mascara without mascara because they thicken, lengthen and add curl to your own lashes.

Beautiful Brows, Every time

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